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is an eponymous leather goods label, founded by Antwerp designer Niels Peeraer, established and based in Paris ca. 2011

After 8 years of introducing our “no limit to cuteness” it's time to start writing a second chapter to our storyline, and use a more translated approach to cuteness. Continuing a genderless balance of sensitivity vs. toughness, but shifting from a focus on ornamentation to a more elaborate form study and styling versatility, while keeping our practical architectural volumes.

We decided to still keep our first generation classics available in our Made to Order section, which will be handmade in our Paris atelier. All our pieces are created without any gender-tag, they are here for to any human who feels connected to them.

Niels Peeraer bags have no stitching, and are entirely assembled through screws and custom made gold or nickle hardware.
Through this self-developed technique we can achieve cleaner lines and strength on our pieces.

Our vegetable tanned cow hide is sourced from Scandinavia, as a byproduct from meat consumption. In respect for the animal, we use the leather in its entirety, including parts that others might regard as imperfections. 

We're strong believers in the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi 「侘寂」, finding beauty in imperfections, always with deep respect and appreciation for the integrity of the natural materials and processes. 

We do not use lining or cover the inside of our pieces, but use a special waxing-process to create a smooth surface, as well as use a natural gum-based finish for our edges. It's important for us not to use any chemical or environmental toxic component within our materials, nor production process.

All our materials are sourced within Europe and our pieces are handmade in either Spain or our own atelier in Paris, to minimize our footprint.